Sunday, January 22, 2012

Usually I post When I'm In A Bad Mood. Pens Win 4-3

Usually I post when I'm not in a good mood at all. Instead, today I'm feeling sort of like....

The Penguins beat the Capitals 4-3 in OT, after goals from Kris Letang (2 goals since returning), James Neal (25 and 26 on the season, to move him into 3rd in the NHL), and then....

To recap, he spins out of the corner, fakes a slapshot, catches the defenseman offguard, loses it, gets it back, send it behind his back off the boards, gets it back, comes out of the corner, dishes it to Z, heads to the front of the net, no pressure on him, scoops it up, and


Oh yeah, and James Neal with the assist.

Excellent stat from JO ( Malkin and Neal have combined for 104 points this season. The "dynamic duo" of Henrik and Daniel Sedin have 102 points between them. When will Neal and Malkin get the praise they deserve? The novelty of them being twins isn't there (since they're not), and neither is as into the spotlight as Ovechkin, but their play is simply too dominant to overlook. One can only hope that a little more attention will be sent their way.

On an individual level, when will James Neal get the credit he deserves by himself? The Oshawa, Ontario native is third in the NHL in goals, yet won't be appearing in the all star game. Jason Pominville (BUF), Tyler Seguin (BOS), and Mikko Koivu (MIN) are all going to be playing in this weekend's exhibition game, but Neal will be sitting at home in Pittsburgh. Try finding any of those three on the leading goal scorers list. Two goals today by Neal, both off incredible shots that would make Corporal Craig Harrison proud.

Craig Harrison, for those who don't know, hold the record for longest sniper kill of all time, with a distance of 2,707 yards in Afghanistan, 2009. This blog is humorous and informative.

Basically, it's 6 o'clock, and I've been in a good mood all day. That's the power of hockey. I also got out of bed at 2, so it's partially the power of a really short day.

Go Pens.