Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Just Some Housekeeping Stuff

Right now, I'm working on figuring out some stuff (in so many ways). As far as this blog goes, there are a few things.

First, damn! 300 page views? Thanks for clicking, whoever you people are. I'm sorry, though. You are undoubtedly very bored to have found this. 

Second, I know it's impossible to read the title of a post without highlighting it. I'm working on that, but every time I think I've fixed it, it reverts back to its previously crappy ways. I guess this site has a worse memory than a politician. It keeps promising me things, and then acts like it never said a thing. "Changes saved" is a lie, and so is "I'll work to make college more affordable". 

Third, the comments section. I think all that has to be done is that you click the button at the bottom that says "post comment" or whatever it is. Apparently this hasn't been working. There's a system called Livefyre, which the Pensblog uses. It's incredible, despite what the people there might think, occasional issues notwithstanding. Whenever it's available for Blogger.com, I will be adding it. Stay tuned on that.

Fourth, I'll be doing more writing about hockey once I finally get a chance to watch another game. I missed both of them this weekend, for a friend's birthday party, and for the OSU/Michigan hockey game. I want that to be a regular and thematic feature for my blog, because it's a large part of who I am. Also, I wouldn't terribly mind becoming a decent sports writer. By that, I mean I want to be an interesting sports writer. Is there anything more bland than a by-the-book write up about a game? I'd rather watch the 700 Club.

Fifth, how in the hell is the 700 Club still on tv? The answer: old people. That show is so screwed in 20 years.

Sixth, I'll be attempting to review music, too. I mention music a lot, but I mean in-depth writing about an album, band, or concert. There's nothing I'm more opinionated about than music, and I think I have a lot to share, when it comes to music. I don't talk myself up much, in fact, I probably talk too negatively about myself. In any event, meticulously reading about the bands and genres I love has left me with a lot of knowledge I'd like to impart on people. 

Seventh, I'm going to try to make Microsoft Paint a pretty regular thing on this site. A picture's worth a thousand words, and with my expertise, I know a few of them will be "man, you really aren't very artistically gifted". 993 words left. There's good humor to be found in incredibly bad art, and I'm the best at that. 

This is me whilst looking at aaaaaaaaaaaaaart. Is it crappy art? Yes. Hilarious? You bet your ass it is. Mine is even worse, and there will be plenty of it. 

Finally, thanks for reading this. It's not the best that it can be, but over time, I'm hoping to make it a pretty good site. To make you believe that there might be something worthwhile on my blog, here's something to embarrass my mother:
Ladies and gentlemen not familiar with it, I give you.....Hot Dog/Eagle Boner

I included a phallic sausage with a phallic sausage of his own, chilling with an...."excited"....bald eagle, in order to annoy the woman who gave birth to me. Return the favor for me. If this can ever make me some money, that'd be a good thing, because I think she's going to kick me out, and I'd hate to be homeless.