Monday, January 23, 2012

Lovely Weather We're Having, Isn't It?

Go to sleep....3 inches of snow. Wake up....gone.

Quit using hairspray, ladies, you're turning the polar bears brown.

This time last year, a bunch of us drove down to some shady school, walked down a path, and then we were able to walk about a hundred yards out onto the bay and have a snowball fight. If we did that this year, we'd need Pamela Anderson to save us.

On second thought, let's go.

It's not really a bad trade, though. My first year in Erie, it snowed every day from November to March. Last year, November to late April. Today, I'll be wearing a sweatshirt to class, and maybe if it gets a bit warmer, I'll go naked. Look out, ladies.

That's completely untrue, of course. Don't think too much on that, or you'll burn your retinas. 

That's all I've really got to say on the matter. Pamela Anderson and a brown polar bear. I'll probably write something later, but I felt the need to address the "heat".