Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Total Throwaway Post. Lacking Creativity Today.

I'm re-doing the post, because it was not up to my standards, and WAS, in fact, a piece of junk.

Last night's game last night was pretty entertaining. Pens lost.

I'd be lying if I said I remember much about it. Yesterday was a cold medicine haze. I was like Jimi Hendrix with 1/100th the talent, but all of the trippiness. By the way, "trippiness" is not a word. Spellcheck suggested "nippiness".

For $12.99/month, you can see the whole thing
Well, probably not the WHOLE thing.


Since I don't remember the game, let's relive it together!

-Apparently there was some hand-to-hand combat between Orpik and Cole. Orpik once snapped Cole's neck like a kit-kat bar. I'm taking Orpik in this one.
-Louie LeBlanc scored. His name means "The White". That fellow I ripped on would probably say LeBlanc is Tim Thomas's favorite hockey player. 
-Carey Price drank too much Colt 45 and let in a soft goal to Joe Vitale. 
-Kris Letang attacked PK Subban
-We lost

All you really need to know is this. 

Only 6 landmines, because the crowd was pretty quiet for Montreal.
And because this happened.

Sorry for the crappy quality.


A random set of thoughts, sure to be more entertaining than this post was, previously.

-I took a look at a house today, for next year. Walking in the door was like walking into the 70's, and I fell in love with it immediately. Almost no chance I'll live in it next year, but if I do, I'm probably going to finally complete my metamorphosis into Hyde from That 70's Show, minus the curly hair.

It had all the familiar symptoms of a house from the 70's, including a booth in the kitchen, lots of wood paneling, some orange paint, and a rusty-ass old shed in the back yard. Ok, the rusty old shed could be from any era, but I guarantee you it was built on a diet of acid and Led Zeppelin III.

-Some kid fell asleep in my first class today, and began snoring. Dr. Federici is not to be messed with. He took his copy of the Federalist papers, a compilation of essays written by Hamilton, Madison, and John Jay, heavy in both physical weight and political commentary, and slammed it down on the desk next to the kid's head. Kid woke up, yelled "AHHHHHHHHHH", and was told to get the hell out. 

I've never fallen asleep in a class. I think it's disrespectful to the teacher, and downright embarrassing for whoever does it. If you do it, and you're reading this, you're probably awesome, so we'll let it slide. I'm talking about all those other people who do it. A bigger reason why I don't fell asleep in class is because of a few things. First, I have a tendency to talk in my sleep, and I don't want to say "I think Jessica Alba is really swell" or "I really hate swiss cheese and Skrillex" in the middle of class. Also, I have been told I snore.

-Skrillex is to music what a rusty nail is to the underside of a toenail.

I hope you cringed just a bit. I just thought of the commercial where the fungus gremlin thing lifts up the guy's toenail and crawls inside.

-Tweet of the day: From Greg Wyshinski of Yahoo's Puck Daddy blog:

"But where else am I going to dip my penis in a chocolate fountain? Besides Hershey Park."

We had a chocolate fountain at my prom, Wysh. If I had read your blog back then, and you gave me a lot of money, I could have made this happen.

Weddings, Bar Mitzvahs, office parties, and a court hearing are all other options.