Friday, February 3, 2012

History with Will, February 3

All the roommates are gone, and the room above me is empty as well. That means it's LOUD in this apartment right now. My amplifier is on, and though I'm not playing, the soft hum of electricity going through it is audible. Aside from that, Axl Rose is currently screaming through the speakers on my computer about cheap wine, diseased women (disease is merely speculative), and of course, a lot of cocaine.

Axl is really bloated these days....

No, really, he looks like Meatloaf. And Meatloaf looks like death.

This is the first time for this particular idea. I like to check wikipedia every day to see what went down on that day in history, who was born, and who died. Despite issues with its legitimacy, I seldom see incorrect things on wikipedia, and it conveniently puts all important information for each day on one page. What follows is just a summary and perhaps some thoughts.

-Today's an important day in American legal history. In February 3, 1870, Congress ratified the 15th amendment, guaranteeing voting rights to citizens of all races, provided they meet all other, less offensive requirements. Also, on February 3, 1913, the 16th amendment was ratified, allowing for the collection of income taxes. 

To be fair, I look like this most days.

-On this day in 1959, a plane crashed in Iowa, killing several musicians, including Richie Valens ("La Bamba") and Buddy Holly, arguably the biggest rock star of the day. The tragedy is referred to as "the day the music died", and you may have heard about it a bit in a song....

By the way, I loathe this song.

-Happy birthday to Dave Davies, Andrei Kostitsyn, and Sean Kingston.

Dave Davies is the lead guitarist of English rock band The Kinks. You know the Kinks best from either Van Halen's cover of "You Really Got Me", Juno's use of "A Well Respected Man", or Green Day's blatant rip-off of "Picture Book" in the title song from the album "Warning". In other words, you most likely have never listened to the Kinks, but you should. If you asked me "what does 'British' sound like," I'd play the Kinks.

Andrei Kostitsyn is a really crappy Belorussian hockey player, currently with the Montreal Canadiens. More fascinating than his missed potential on the ice is his friendship with Russian mobsters off the ice. Though Andrei and his borther Sergei (Nashville Predators) were let off the hook in 2009, due to their supposed innocence, I'm not buying it. The Kostitsyns took out JFK and Lincoln. 

Finally, Sean Kingston sucks. Kingston's big hit was "Take You There", which is a DIRECT copy of Led Zeppelin's "D'yer Maker". I was always taught that taking someone else's work without crediting them is plagiarism, and plagiarism is wrong. Shame on you, Sean Kingston. Shame. Oh, not only did he steal from Zep, but he's also mentally deficient. You see, he crashed a jetski into a wall. Not sure how you crash into a wall on a jetski, considering they're on water, but hey...I can't really ask the expert since he smashed his face all over a wall....while riding a jetski.

Oh yeah, you're gangsta alright. Ladies and gentlemen, hide your Waverunners.

-In addition to the people I mentioned above, Woodrow Wilson (1924) and Grandpa Al Lewis (2006) also died on this day. Not gonna tell you who Woodrow Wilson is, because if you don't know, go back and take some history classes.

Al Lewis played Grandpa Munster on the tv classic "The Munsters", and was a regular on the Howard Stern show. While at a rally for the the Stern show in 1987, Lewis grabbed the microphone and began yelling "fuck the FCC!" until the microphone was taken from him. If you can find it on youtube, it's a some pretty funny stuff.

I leave you with my personal favorite Kinks song, "Village Green".

Dave Davies: ugliest man in rock n roll