Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Montreal Canadiens Preview: LE BOOOOOOOOOOO

The Montreal Canadiens.

Words don't really describe the feeling of playing the Habs in Montreal. It is really unlike anything else. Any time a player on the Canadiens goes down, there will be booing. Not only will there be booing, but the crowd will intimidate the referees into making worse calls than Mel Gibson after a few drinks.

Mel Gibson hates minorities.

Tonight's game will be rated on the "go hump a landmine scale", in which I will rate the crowd's booing and influencing the referees based on how much I'd like to see them explode in a hilarious way.

For instance, if the first period results in PK Subban falling down away from the play, with no Penguins around him, and one of the Pens gets a penalty due to the booing, the result shall be:

6 landmines.

If the Habs score on the powerplay, it will become 9 landmines.

Montreal is currently 14th in the Eastern Conference, with 49 points. Those 49 points actually tie Carolina for last place, but the Hurricanes have one more loss, so they're the ones licking the floor in the basement.

A game in Montreal is never easy though, despite the fact that their team is about as relevant as Madonna.

The Penguins are fresh off their loss to the New Jersey Devils in what was the most boring game of the season. Arron Asham is still out with concussion-like symptoms, but I believe it's actually due to a coma from being forced to watch game film of the Devils play. 

Evgeni Malkin still leads the NHL in points, and is one point ahead of Philadelphia's Claude Giroux (pronounced: Girrrrr-roo, though in Montreal, it becomes Girrrr-BOOOOOOOOOOOOO). With the Canadiens defense being about as good as the Steelers' D in OT against the Broncos, I'm thinking Geno's lead is going to extend by a few points.


No idea who's in the net tonight, since I would think it's Fleury, but I've heard people say that they think Brent Johnson is in the net after Flower's bad performance on Sunday. It wouldn't make much sense, as Flower is usually lights-out after a bad game, and the Pens don't play again until Saturday at 2 against Winnipeg. You don't sit a hot goaltender for a week.

On second thought, Flower's in the cage.

Pens are gonna win, 5-3. Two goals from Malkin, one from Neal, Dupuis is getting one, and Letang will score, too.