Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Bastards Of Young

So right now, I'm listening to "Bastards of Young" by The Replacements, which I first heard in the film "Adventureland". If you don't like Kristen Stewart, I still recommend it. It's one of those movies that you feel, more than you watch.

I had my first Christmas party tonight. Several people came, and I am forever grateful for that. Some didn't, but their absence was, in all cases, understandable. We still love you folks. Thanks to Melanie and Cat, since though they don't know it yet (it's quarter after 3, what's WRONG with me!?), they listened to how happy I am about the night I had.

Anyways, I complain on here too much, but there are people who have things far worse than I do. I'm very thankful for everyone. Thanks a lot for being part of the inspiration that fuels this blog. Merry Christmas. Even if you don't celebrate it, I hope that the 25th is a remarkable day for you.

Time to go fight "the spins".